UAE Audit & Assurance Services

Ensuring Compliance and Building Trust

AMTC UAE offers a full range of audit and assurance services designed to help businesses maintain compliance, enhance financial accuracy, and build stakeholder confidence. Our experienced auditors employ rigorous methodologies to deliver reliable and transparent audit services, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whether you require internal audits, external audits, or specialized assurance services, we are committed to providing you with insights that drive informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Internal Audit
Thorough internal audits to evaluate and improve your business’s risk management, control, and governance processes.
Sales Audit
Detailed sales audits to verify the accuracy of your sales records and ensure compliance with accounting standards.
Audit Remediation
Remediation services to address audit findings and implement corrective actions for continuous improvement.
Forensic Audit Services
Specialized forensic audits to investigate fraud, financial discrepancies, and other irregularities.
AML / CFT Compliance
Anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism compliance services to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.
External Audit
Independent external audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and enhance financial credibility.
Stock Audit
In-depth stock audits to verify inventory accuracy and manage stock levels effectively.
Emirates Post-Certification
Certification services to validate compliance with Emirates Post regulations and requirements.
Fraud Investigation Audit
Expert fraud investigation audits to detect and address fraudulent activities within your organization.
FATCA and CRS Compliance in the Middle East:
Compliance services for FATCA and CRS regulations to manage cross-border tax reporting obligations.
Due Diligence Audit
Comprehensive due diligence audits to assess the financial health and risks of potential business transactions.
Audit Readiness
Preparatory services to ensure your business is fully prepared for upcoming audits and compliant with relevant standards.
Quarterly Review Reporting
Regular quarterly reviews to provide ongoing assurance and keep stakeholders informed of financial performance.
Risk Advisory
Risk advisory services to identify, assess, and mitigate business risks effectively.
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In addition to our audit and assurance services, AMTC UAE offers a broad range of services designed to support your business’s growth and compliance in the UAE.

UAE Taxation
Expert tax advisory and compliance services to navigate the UAE’s complex tax landscape.
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Accounting & Book-Keeping
Accurate and efficient accounting and book-keeping services to maintain financial clarity.
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Mergers & Acquisitions
Strategic guidance and support for seamless business mergers and acquisitions.
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Business Advisory
Insightful advisory services to optimize business performance and strategic planning.
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